It’s Your Skinny Genes Not Your Skinny Jeans: No Zero Carb Diets




In the age of selfies, how do you prove to people that beauty and health is more than skin deep? Even more complicated: In the age of the genome, how do you describe to smart women that cancer, neurodegenerative disease, autoimmune disorders, premature aging, and heart disease begin at the level of DNA? And that environment and nutrition interact at that level in ways that can’t be seen or even felt? Disease states are the END process of something that started much before you start to feel like crap.

Zero Carb diets come up frequently in the KetoChix Group. They are hard to argue with because they work.

The problem is that there is no controversy on this note: this is not a long-term healthy diet. While you may kick ass in your skinny jeans on this diet (and I know I’ve already lost some of you who are rushing off to…

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