Wednesday Round-Up

Almonds ready for picking

Welcome to Wednesday! Here’s your weekly dose of news, from gluten-free pasta trucks to Canadian sugar studies:

The popularity of gluten-free eating continues to increase just about every day. profiled a few new faces to the gluten-free game. Take a look and try them out! Let us know how you like these books and food!

Those of you who keep up on your Washington D.C. news have likely heard of Sam Kass, the Obama’s friend and personal chef. Learn more about him and his health-focused culinary style in this New York Times profile.

We’re eating more almonds than ever these days, but that may not be a good thing. The Atlantic takes a fascinating look into the dark side of almond consumption.

Concerned about restaurant food and sustainability? Chris Ying, the co-editor of Lucky Peach, announced the launch of his new non-profit, called Zero Foodprint, at the…

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